Bric-à-Brac, Battambang, Cambodia

Battambang is pretty Unique these days in Asia.
Far enough from the nearest airport to avoid the maddening crowds, 
while also being a relatively large city with a wealth of French colonial buildings, boulevards, temples, etc,.
However, most importantly Battambang also has a great local coffee culture, excellent local food and Cambodia's only Art and Circus School!

A very eclectic mix!

Throw in two large and talented personalities such as Robert and Morrison
whose dedication and enthusiasm make Bric-à-Brac, their pride and joy, a Truly Unique Escape!

Robert trained as a Chef in Paris and has spent his life as a food stylist and culinary writer, crowning his life's work recently with a best selling Burmese Cookbook.

Morrison has had a life long love affair with interior design and textiles, he has his own brand PASSEMENTERIES and is also producing amazing work as an artist in his own right.

They both moved from Sydney Australia after having run culinary tours all over Asia for many years and selected Battambang to open Bric-à-Brac, over many other destinations in Asia because of its vibrant creative scene and old colonial architecture.  

Roberts Food Styling and Props experience combined with Morrison’s passion for textiles and interior design makes Bric-à-Brac a rich visual and luxury experience. With only three rooms and a charmingly talented staff lavishing their attention on you, one feels very fortunate to have these two creatively and culinary so well connected Gentlemen to ensure a rich and memorable visit to Battambang.

Do rely on them for tips on all the best to see, do and eat!
grab a car or tuk tuk if its not too hot and dusty and visit some of the outlying temples, including the one on the bat cave hills nearby. (bats are optional)

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Robert shopping at the local market for the evening meal.

Morrison & Robert