We Are Lost and Found, Melbourne

For the next 3 months from june 1st a rather interesting experiment is taking place in Melbourne. Selected Applicants are granted a stay at a secretive suite lovingly decked out with the finest Melbourne has to offer. Accompanied by a hand crafted concierge experience of the city's best Arts and Culture tailored to the guests Interests. And not to be missed amazing coffees delivered to your room from near by Liason Cafe run by Danny and Sian of Cafe Racer fame.

Barrie Barton and his Lost and Found crew have teamed up with Victoria Tourism to promote the best of Melbourne's cultural and creative talents to the world. Self confessed Urbanites, their mission is to invigorate and advocate the joys of Inner City Living.
Hidden in the Old Army and Navy Club building which is a architectural 60's icon, you are perfectly positioned to enjoy the Inner City lifestyle. Galleries, cafes, clubs abound or jump a tram to the Bay for some sun and sand.
Apply Online, get yourself to Melbourne and go home to tell all your friends of the experience!



the near by Liaison Cafe supplies coffees lovingly made by Danny And Sian

in conversation with Barrie Barton

Barrie is intimate with all the Best Melbourne has to offer and actively promotes and reviews both Melbourne and Sydney on a related series of lifestyle websites while also running their own venues in both cities to add extra spice such as a roof top cinema showing art house films... busy boy!

check out www.threethousand.com.au

lets hope the experiment is a success and a permanent version awaits us in the future.