The Naka, Phuket

Occupying Phuket's last available private bay The Naka makes exceptional good use of the opportunity!
A stunning design statement that colonises the whole bay and its steep sided hills, intertwined with established mature trees, it feels like a Modernist version of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.
The Naka is all about the views. Everywhere you turn, wherever you are in the Resort, you will have your breath stolen by one dramatic architectural statement after another!

Good for all seasons, we particularly like the dramatic wet season afternoon squalls that come in off the Andaman Sea, the private beach and enclosed bay transport you to another, secluded, world.
One you many never wish to leave!

The Naka motto "Where Equilibrium Prevails" not only applies to the stunning floating villas architectural statement but also to the levels of service that the hotel offers. Staff spend many hours in meditation to give them a sense of Equilibrium also!

Still if you suffer from cabin fever after exploring the beach, chapel, pools, spa and restaurant, you are only 10 minutes away from the dubious pleasures of Patong Beach which does have some good restaurants with which to tempt you out of seclusion.

We take you on a journey through the Naka.
Explore to the End for a Concept Statement from The Architect himself!

The Beach Villa

While the layouts and interiors of the Villas are all similar there is One special Villa located right on the Beach that commands a stunning panoramic view from the rocky headland, along the length of the beach and across to the serene super sized pool in front of the Chapel beside the Villa.

The Restaurant

Whether it's Breakfast or Thai Dinner at the huge pillared, toweringly high ceilinged, open-to-the-elements parthenon like restaurant, you can be guaranteed a Dramatic View to enhance the experience!

The Chapel

Naka at Night

By Night the Naka is spectacularly highlighted by carefully considered lighting built into the structure of the buildings themselves.

Naka in the Storm

In the wet season Exhilarating Squalls blow in from the Andaman Sea lashing the Monolithic Structures with Rain they appear and disappear into the mist..

The Architect

Duangrit Bunnag of DBALP
speaks about The Naka Project

"The design of The Naka Phuket was driven by the site context. The sloping mountainsides that collide into the valley and enclose the beach inspired us!
The 94 villas all ‘hanging’ from the slopes with the bedrooms floating in the air is the key visual concept of the project. Each unit is fully separated and embrace by spectacular ocean views. The most challenging aspect of the project is the site context itself.
Another challenge was to design the master plan of the project while keeping most of the significant trees. We created the project architecture specifically for each major structure taking into account the exceptional nature and existing landscaping context. Each building has their own characteristic within their own poetry.
I always cherish the context of all aspects of the project in all of my work.
I love natural materials and the possibility to express them with authenticity. I am so inspired by modernist art and architecture. Simple Euclidean forms always lead the way for my architecture."