The Zetter Townhouse, Clerkenwell, London

The Zetter Townhouse

This lovely little hideaway Hotel in London's Groovy Designer Clerkenwell was our fantastic base for exploring.
The Zetter Townhouse is the little sister of the original Zetter Hotel and is tucked in the back of St Johns Square behind its Big Brother.
St John's Square is full of bars and restaurants to explore and is right in the middle of historical Clerkenwell surrounded by Ancient Churches, Graveyards, Knightly Order's Rambling Headquarters, Smithfields Market and more recent deco through to 60s warehouses packed with design studios and modern furniture showrooms.
Strangely enough the area is a focal point for the London Design Festival where a lot of historical but normally closed to the public buildings and design studios have Open House days.
The area even has its own Clerkenwell Design Week (may 2016).

Winter or summer the cocktail lounge at the Zetter townhouse provides a relaxing escape from the hubbub of the Clerkenwell Road. A place to recuperate from exploring.
The Hotels Period meets British Bulldog Design interiors are truly unique and a welcome break from the "contemporary design" norm of recent London hotels. You do feel like you are in London and not some nondescript international destination.

We say Tally -ho and Spiffing Good Show to the Zetter Townhouse. A Unique and thoroughly enjoyable Castle away from Castle!

Around the Zetters are some fascinating places including a quiet 1000 year old cemetery call the Bunhill fields (meaning Bone Hill). one of londons best coffee houses THE WORKSHOP is just down the road. Whitecross market has great pop up gourmet food trucks and traditional birtish street food. The amazing old buildings of Charterhouse square and the Order of St Johns Priory and Museum are right next door! its a great area for photo walks!
from Hatton Gardens in the west to Barbican and Old street to the east. Smithsfields market to the south.

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Around and About
in Clerkenwell


The Zetter Townhouse

The Cocktail Lounge

The Lobby Lounge

To The Bedrooms

Eggs Benny with Hash Browns,
a very civilized breakfast menu for the included breakfast at the Zetter Atrium Restaurant

Around and About
in Clerkenwell

Pop Up Food Truck
at Whitecross Market

Minuit Moins 7 a great back to luxury Cobblers on Whitecross Street Market.

A rather famous gravestone at the Bunhill FIelds (old bone hill)

CLERKENWELL& SOCIAL, new style english Pub also on St Johns Square. Worth a look on a sunny day!

Gatehouse at the Order of St John.

Look Mum no Hands, bike workshop and cafe on Clerkenwell Road.

A Grand Master Looks On
The Priory of St John